New York improv team: SWIFTKICK!

A five-member long form group forged in the bright lights of [i]the Magnet Theater[/i] and coached by Nick Kanellis (Trike, Crush, Hello Laser), [url=]Swiftkick[/url] experiments with the La Ronde form using a pace that goes from [b]kick-you-in-the-balls fast[/b] to [b]icing-your-balls-while-watching-“Das Boot” slow.[/b] Along with going through the program at [i]the Magnet[/i] together, members have individually studied at other such institutions as [i]the PIT[/i] and [i]UCB New York.[/i] Besides hosting a monthly show at Freddy’s Bar and Backroom in Brooklyn ([u]which is always looking for improv groups[/u]), [url=]Swiftkick[/url] loves opportunities to work with new teams to put on shows of awesomeness, even at the last minute. Unless they’re bringer shows. [b]Eff that noise.[/b]